The Advantages of a WordPress Website Design

“WordPress is free and open-sourced and is a fully customizable content management system that is based on PHP and MySQL.” This makes it perfect for designing everything from a stand-alone blog or a complex and fully interactive website.

Free means it is absolutely free to use and open-source means that the source code is available to anyone and everyone to use it and modify it as they see fit. It is categorized as a content management system, meaning, it manages the creation of digitally created content and allows the modification of said content.

In fact, there are numerous benefits and advantages of a WordPress website design. Here are but a few…

Benefit #1: Customization

Because WordPress is simply code if a common theme is not used (which would leave your website looking like everyone else’s who bought that theme), it allows a professional WordPress website design company to step in and create a state-of-the-art website that is fully customizable. This means you will own a completely unique site found nowhere else online.

In a climate where competition within any industry can become fierce, it can be hard for a fledgling company to make a splash. This is why having a WordPress website design company create your site can help your company make its own mark.

Benefit #2: Plugins

WordPress gives you access to thousands of plugins. A plugin can be selected from the plugins tab on the sidebar. Simply use the search bar to find virtually any thing you need ranging from SEO Yoast to help assess each page’s level of optimization, a Newsletter Plugin to automatically send scheduled newsletters, a website speed optimizer to make your website faster, and so much more.

Plugins not only help automate certain processes, but they can also add another level of customization to your website. Most plugins are customizable, providing a way to make visible and interactive plugins blend in seamlessly with your website’s design. Your web design company will take care of this, as well.

Benefit #3: Easy Updating

WordPress websites have periodic updates available that provide security and other optimizations and features. Your web design firm can set these updates to automatically download, giving you one less thing to worry about. In addition, plugins are easy to update, offering one-click updates. Updating is important to ensure plugins are optimized to run on the latest version of WordPress.

Benefit #4: Blogging

WordPress is optimized for blogging. In fact, it is known as one the world’s leading blogging platforms. For many, there is no substitute. It offers seemingly endless features and an intuitive user experience. In addition, its customizability provides an avenue to make your blog stand out from the millions that are active, especially the possibly thousands active in your industry.

Benefit #5: Mobile Content Management

One of the most convenient features of designing your website on the WordPress platform, is the ability to manage your site from a mobile device. Unlike many platforms or engines, the WordPress administrative backend is fully optimized for mobile use. This bit of convenience allows for updating and content management on the go. It also allows you to read and respond to comments left on blog posts, write and upload blogs – or save them as a draft, and make last-minute edits, if needed, to any piece of content on the site.

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