Small Business Website Design: Information Hierarchy

When it comes to the perfect small business website design, giving your audience the best information and in the right order should be right at the top of your list. An information hierarchy means to give the information in an order based on priority.
But what is the best priority? In this post, we’ll explain how to create the perfect information hierarchy to complement your small business website design.


Planning your course of action goes a long way. Here, you’ll want to pull up a document and start laying out the different categories of information you want your target audience to know.
Begin with things like, A) what your company does, B) the benefits your service provides, C) the advantages of using your service or buying your product over your competitors, and D) what makes your product or service great.
This is also where you will want to begin placing priority over each section. A fantastic small business website design should incorporate information that specifically appeals to your target audience.


Now comes the part that holds all the cards: the writing. Writing content is equal parts art and science. You have to know how to properly articulate a message, while making it engaging, motivating, and informative. Sell without overselling. Overselling something can make it appear spammy, which is a red flag for most online shoppers.
Most importantly, here is where you will place your content in sections according to their priority. When doing this, consider these tips:

First, create your headers to serve the function of describing the information the body text will convey. Make them pop but keep them informative.
Second, never hold back the good stuff. This means, always unload the true value of your product or service right from the start. Gain their interest right out of the gate. Explain the details later.
Third, people generally want to know 3 main things; 1) Does this company offer what I need. 2) How much does it cost. 3) How long will it take. Cover these points sooner rather than later to increase your chances of making a sale.
Fourth, layout the benefits and advantages in a very understandable and consumable way. Make each section flow with your small business website design, allowing each area the ability to showcase the information you are providing. Always design with the information you want to provide in mind.
Fifth, be sure to include your keywords organically throughout your text where they are best used to describe, promote, or illustrate. Never attempt to force a keyword. It’s more about message, however, than flow. Above all else, use keywords to best convey your message. This principle should come before all else.

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