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Cost effective advertising in Punta Gorda with immediate results

A very cost-effective form of advertising

1. You are only advertising to people who are actively searching for your product or service.

2. You only pay for advertisements that incite a customer to take action such as website visit, call or complete a form.

The challenge with search engine marketing is that it’s a skill that’s learned, not taught. Google Ads has made it very easy for a motivated business owner to dive in and set up their own campaigns.  Then before they realize it, they’ve burned through a large budget without ever seeing any significant results. Search Engine Marketing is a science, but not one that can be taught in a school.  Therefore it makes sense to let SimpleLogic’s experienced PPC Advertising Consultants help you with your search engine marketing strategies.

Punta Gorda Google Ads Overview

Campaign Analysis

We use our tools to audit the traffic potential of your campaigns, identify any red flags, then determine the best place to make the biggest impact on your campaign’s effectiveness.

Measurable ROI

Campaigns are monitored, tested, and optimized for ideal returns. Includes Google Ads setup, keyword research & more.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the foundation of our campaign and research determines who your target market is, what they’re looking for and how to best reach them.

Targeted Demographics

SimpleLogic will help you utilize social media platforms which allows you to target a range of demographics and preferences.

Ad Optimization

Using only industry best practices, we optimize your ads to create the best user experience possible first to maximize the likelihood a user will see the benefit of clicking your ad.

In-depth Reporting

We are constantly tracking how well targeted keywords are ranking, the flow of traffic to your site, social signals and several other metrics.

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The Punta Gorda Google Ads Company you’ll love

Dominate your niche

Stay ahead of the competition by putting your business’s website in the top positions of Google’s Search Results.

Cost-effective and long-term strategy

As your rankings increase, you get more traffic. More traffic means more visibility. More visibility means more customers.

Build your authority

Showcase your authority and be the industry expert that your customers are looking for.

Get in touch

We’d love to hear from you. Give us a few quick details via the form below, and we’ll take a look at your site, the market competition, and follow up with a free website assessment.

Why SimpleLogic?

We provide the same services as large digital agencies, but we also offer services such as lead tracking, landing page optimization, and ad management, but our process is simple and transparent.  As a result, you always know how much you are spending and what results your budget has generated.
Our process begins with a strategy session with you to learn about your business goals and objectives. In this meeting, we’ll learn about your products and services, target demographics and geography. After this discussion we will research your competition and which keyword bidding strategies will yield the best results.  This will also determine a monthly budget that will meet your objectives.
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What People Say About SimpleLogic

SimpleLogic did an outstanding job on our website. They took the time to understand our business, quickly responded to each of our inquiries and delivered a terrific finished product on time and on budget. Thank you!

C. Masters, Scout Networks

We are extremely pleased with the excellent and professional website developed by SimpleLogic. The website has assisted our outreach to the Community in a variety of ways, including an informative and well-ordered calendar function for upcoming events and a first-rate store for online apparel sales. SimpleLogic has been withus every step of the way formulating and maintaining this outstanding website. Thank you so much SimpleLogic for a job well done!

P. Burch, GBIMC

SimpleLogic designs the site with their perfectionism in mind. I have had several sites designed for me and I can tell you that SimpleLogic was a breath of fresh air. They brought ideas and solutions to the table. The one thing that sticks out in my mind is…they did not need much direction…They were in their wheel-house and it showed.

D. Nicholson, Shades to Ink!

SimpleLogic rescued my half-built site and created a digital property that sets us well-ahead of our competition. They are wonderful business partners.

K. Fleck, Derby City Selfie

SimpleLogic’s website designs are exceptional. They strategically create websites which are visually appealing, easy to navigate and optimized.

Susan H., University of Louisville

I want to thank SimpleLogic for going above and beyond in regards to designing my company’s website. With only a small amount of information to start with you were still able to build a site that exceeded my expectations and better yet, looked and performed better than any of my competitors sites. If only every experience can work out this well…Great work and I look forward to working with you again soon!

Nic H., Like Family Lawn Care

SimpleLogic did a fantastic job designing our company website. As first-time business owners with no experience in website design, this company supported us through the entire process from beginning to end, utilizing our ideas and offering creative input when needed. They are punctual, professional, and I highly recommend their services.

Chanda G., Gault & Simms, PLLC

SimpleLogic does a great job, and are very knowledgeable of the industry. They will stay on your project until it is completed to your satisfaction. No surprises with SimpleLogic  like you can get from others. They have  your best interest at heart!

Tom M., Reflex Graphics

As a busy small business owner, I did not have the time, and generally was lost, regarding my website and internet marketing. SimpleLogic helped me with every step, from design to SEO. They made it painless, quick, and cost-effective. I highly recommend their services!

Travis N., Travis Newman, Attorney at Law

Really appreciate SimpleLogic over the years. Eric has helped me with logos, web design, and as an administrator for more than one business. Everything has always been very professional looking, and has definitely increased our lead generation. I’ve also appreciated the fact that Simple Logic has been a one stop shop for anything and everything in regards to my online presence. We have used several forms of advertising, but none of our leads have been easier to close than what our websites generate. There’s no question that excellent web-design and the way that Eric has worked hand in hand with Google has gone a long way in pre-closing potential customers.  I would highly recommend Eric at SimpleLogic for all your web design, and administrative management needs.

Joel B., Berry Construction

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