Project Description

Pediatric Associates

At Pediatric Associates of Springfield, their top priority is helping children be as physically and emotionally healthy as possible. Their experts are available 365 days a year and offer a wide variety of services.

Project Brief

Pediatric Associates contracted with SimpleLogic to help with them with their digital marketing strategy. They wanted a website that would resonate with their patients how warm and friendly their practice and the doctors who worked there were. They also needed to provide their patients with a way to access their patient portal to view records and important information about their children.

What We Did

Website Design
Content Management System
Responsive Design
Social Media Integration

Pediatric Associates Website Design

Responsive Design
Pediatric Associates’ new website was developed in a responsive design to automatically detect the size of the users screen to correctly size the main navigation, images and content any device.

Head shots and working images of the doctors were taken to help patients get a warmer feel of the practice. The images were optimized so they load quickly and dynamically resize depending on the size of the device.

Content Management System
The site was integrated into a Content Management System which allows Pediatric Associates to make modifications to the website. They can now modify content, images and service details themselves.

Pediatric Associates Website Design on a Mobile Device
Pediatric Associates Website Design on a Tablet

Pediatric Associates feels the head shots and photography of the doctors with children sets their practice apart giving their patients the warm, hospitable feeling they were after with a website design.

Giving patients access to the patient portal has significantly reduced the time Pediatric Associates was spending pulling charts and researching basic patient data.